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Winner of the Editor's Choice Award in Furman University's Literary Journal The Echo

Scene on top of scene, a sharp-corner

perfect book. The thrill of breath, of arrival,

of being ready for a reader’s eyes.

An author friend of mine had brought

a pantheon of crystal worlds to life.

I loved his words, so let him glance at mine.

And then I learned that a single word,

a pronouncement from just the right person

will turn to dust what little life I make.

I am grateful, in a bitter way.

He killed my creation,


before it could be jaded by the world—

before it could reach and strain

and fall all the further for having caught

a single glimpse of the open sky.

I would have fallen with it.

So there it sits, crisp edged, dull white.

No licked thumbs, dog-ears, margin pen.

Finished. Unpublished. Stillborn.


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