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Fortunately or Not

I’m stuck in a memory this morning,

or rather a pointillism piece of pinpricks

and patches and little bits of dancing:

toothpaste tea that burned my hands,

twin knit hats sneezing cardboard dust,

a fire that burned when the wood was gone.

It would never work. We know that.

We know that. Our sky or our ceiling,

we both know which. We’ve said it now

too many times, in too many ways that hurt.

But if I had to get married tomorrow,

it would be you. I’d run at a dead set

sprint down any aisle that would hold us.

You’d sweep me in your arms in a chain

link dress and laugh because my skin

turned to summer when you kissed me.

Fortunately or not, we both have time.

Buckets and rivers and mountains of time

to love and to loose and to lean against

arms that are stronger than ours.

I don’t have to get married tomorrow.

I almost wish I did.


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