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Recently Published in the Echo Literary Journal

We’ve all seen blood-skies this week.

Rent open, heaven shattered blazes

of forest fire color, burning up

the clouds that sway like sheep

in a wolves-teeth winter wind.

Finally, the depths of air-bound

water reflect the madness that

has driven us all to stare at the sky,

with tears in our eyes and shaking fists.

At last, the sky bleeds back.

We all see it coming—

feel the hot-baked breath of ending;

even those who hide their souls

and let a rose bloom’s scent

distract them from the open sky.

Like me, the rose girl, the smile,

the one who tries to push a tilted world

in a perfect circle, until the sun dies

in a blaze of beauty and color

and I see a peaceful mirror of my own despair.


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