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Carly Marlys

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Introducing My Debut Poetry Collection...

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How are you, really? 
This collection explores love, loss, and healing, and dives a layer deeper than the questions we are willing to ask each other, and even the questions we are willing to ask ourselves. "Carly Marlys writes with courage and honesty in this debut poetry collection about the power of slow healing and the necessary presence of comunity." 



Eloquent and raw. Reading Carly's work is a complete sensory experience; from mouthwatering descriptions of the spices in curry to the wind's laughter, to her struggles just to breathe, she covers the range of human experience in only a few words. You are in for a treat as you ride the wave of human emotion in this collection of vulnerable musings on lost love, physical struggle, and newfound fullness.


Carly is one of those writers who is dedicated to the craft – focusing on how she can improve each story through multiple drafts, working toward building a world we know even when it’s completely unfamiliar.


In The Press


One slow weekend in high school, I decided to alphabetize my bookshelves. What I realized was that most of my favorites were Historical Fiction and poetry. I grew up with audio books, read-alouds, and baskets of books in every corner, but the ones that captured my imagination the most, always had some heart-pounding adventure, a depth of human emotion, and at least a dash of history.


I’ve wanted to be a writer ever since I can remember. When I was a kid, my parents found piles of sticky-notes with half-finished stories in drawers and behind shelves, and initially, most of my stories were shaped like fairy-tales. As I’ve gotten older though, I have returned more and more to the kinds of stories that made me a reader in the first place. I’m enthralled by history and by the process of turning what I’ve learned about the world into (hopefully) engaging stories. I’ve been able to travel a good deal in the past few years and every place I’ve been has reinforced my desire to  write novels that can transport readers to other places, other times.

This is my goal: to take a few of the millions of stories that the centuries have to tell and rewrite them for the modern world.

Thank you for being a part of this journey.



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